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1. USA Today: “America Has a History of Lynching, but it’s Not a Federal Crime. The House Just Voted to Change That”

Benjamin Waite Professor of the English Language Ashraf Rushdy is interviewed on the topic of legislation that would make lynching a federal crime. In the interview he called lynching “the original hate crime.” “Lynching is a blot on the history of America,” he said. “But it’s never too late to do the right thing.”

2. The New York Times: “Starbucks Baristas Accuse Service Company of Abuse and Pay Gaps”

Associate Professor of Sociology Jonathan Cutler is interviewed about transgender issues in labor organizations as immigrant, transgender, and black baristas face discrimination at airport Starbucks. “Organized labor often lives or dies by its ability to tap into broader social movements,” he said. “In this case, you’re seeing the most public effort to organize around transgender issues.”

3. The Washington Post: “Does Money Even Matter? And Other Questions You May Have About Bloomberg’s Half-Billion-Dollar Failed Candidacy”

A Convention Bounce, or an Ad Bounce?

USA Today, and numerous other news outlets, reported on a new study by the Wesleyan Media Project, which found that Barack Obama and groups supporting him aired 40,000 ads during the two-week period of political conventions, compared with only 18,000 ads aired on behalf of Republican Mitt Romney. This lopsided ad buy could be the reason behind the post-convention bounce in the polls enjoyed by Obama, rather than the president’s performance at the convention.

Stories about the latest Wesleyan Media Project study also appeared in the New York Times, Reuters, Adweek, PoliticoABC News, BloombergThe Daily Beast, News Daily, CT Mirror and on NPR’s All Things Considered and NPR’s Morning Edition.

Wesleyan Seniors Continue School’s Rockin’ Tradition

A piece in USA Today focuses on Wesleyan’s recent run of turning out bands and individuals who are making names for themselves in popular music.  The article mentions MGMT (Ben Goldwasser ’05, Andrew VanWyngarden ’05; Will Berman ’04), Das Racist (Victor Vasquez ’06, Himanshu Suri ’07), Santigold (Santi White ’97), Amazing Baby (Simon O’Connor ’05), among others, as well as Peace Museum, which features Wesleyan Seniors Casey Feldman ’12, Sky Stallbaumer ’12. Audio clips from the various acts are included with the article

Gottschalk: Poll Results Reflect Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Commenting in a story for USA Today, Peter Gottschalk, chair and professor of religion and co-author of Islamophobia, says a recent poll showing more than 50 percent of Americans surveyed are favor of Congressional hearings on Muslim radicalization is a product of on-going anti-Muslim rhetoric. The poll precedes hearings that will be held by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King in March. Gottschalk points to the double-standard that Muslims face in America, saying they are blamed for all the actions of extremists “who happen to be Muslim, but all Christians aren’t responsible for abortion clinic bombers or the KKK.”

Valentino ’10 on Liberal Arts Colleges and Internships

In USA Today, Lauren Valentino ’10 discusses the senior thesis paper she wrote on the unintended consequences created by the Federal Department of Labor’s new requirements for college internships. Valentino mentions how liberal arts colleges and universities are by nature different in their approach to internships, and how the new DOL rules can actually penalize students simply because they attend these schools. Valentino also wrote an OpEd for The Hartford Courant recently on the same subject.

Striegel-Moore Study Offers Solution for Binge Eaters

A piece in USA Today reports on a new study by Ruth Striegel-Moore, Walter A. Crowell Professor of the Social Sciences, professor of psychology, that produced a self-directed, easy-to-follow, 12-week method to eliminate binge eating. The study, which Striegel-Moore conducted with researchers from Kaiser Permanente and Rutgers University, offered binge eating sufferers a treatment method that was so successful 64% of  the participants reported they were still not binge eating a year later.

Columnist: Vodou’s a Religion that Deserves Respect

In a column regarding religions and journalism in USA Today, writer Rod Dreher exhorts other journalists to consider and write about Vodou with the same respect as mainstream religions, citing the work of Elizabeth McAlister, associate professor of religion, associate professor of American Studies, associate professor of African American Studies. Dreher references this specific piece that McAlister wrote for the Social Science Research Council.

Yohe: Costs of Climate Change Efforts

Gary Yohe, Woodhouse/Sysco Professor of Economics, is quoted in a New York Times piece on Obama Administration’s assessment of costs versus benefits of climate change action – or inaction. Yohe is also quoted in a USA Today story saying that most economists recognize that humans are to blame for global warming and that inherent risks increase if it is not addressed.