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41 Wyllys among “Greenest” Buildings in the World

More than 31 percent of the materials used in the 41 Wyllys Avenue building were manufactured using recycled materials. More than 52 percent of the total wood-based building materials are harvested from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests.

More than 31 percent of the materials used in the 41 Wyllys Avenue building were manufactured using recycled materials. More than 52 percent of the total wood-based building materials are harvested from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests.

Wesleyan’s 41 Wyllys Avenue building is now among the most elite recognized projects in the world.

On Feb. 5, the U.S. Green Building Council certified the former squash facility with a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) “Platinum” designation. LEED certification is a recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. LEED provides building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions.

Wesleyan Celebrates the Grand Opening of 41 Wyllys

Wesleyan faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the university celebrated the grand opening of 41 Wyllys Avenue inside the new Career Center's Olson Commons Feb. 24.

The Wesleyan community celebrated the grand opening of 41 Wyllys Avenue during a reception and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Feb. 24. The building is the new home of the College of Letters, Art History Program and the Wesleyan Career Center.

This historic building boasts beautiful new spaces enhanced with light, color and technology. The Career Center now possesses state of the art equipment to aid students in their employment pursuits by providing unparalleled face to face access to alumni, parents, and employer partners from around the world.

The renovation has provided greatly improved spaces for two distinguished departments, the College of Letters and Art History, and has added attractive and high-tech classroom,

Gifts in Honor of Faculty Support Renovated Building Project

An anonymous donor provided the lead gift to name the new College of Letters library in honor of all COL faculty—those who taught in the past, those now teaching presently, and those who will join the COL faculty in the future.

The former Squash Courts Building located at 41 Wyllys Ave. on Wesleyan’s historic College Row has opened as the renovated home for Art History, the College of Letters and the Career Center.

Notably, several College of Letters and Art History alumni have provided gifts for the project to honor faculty members from their undergraduate days.

David Resnick ’81, P’13, joined by his wife Cathy Klema P’13, contributed the lead gift to name the Art History Wing in honor of John Paoletti, the William R. Kenan Professor Emeritus of the Humanities and Art History.

Resnick, now chairman of global financing advisory for the investment baking firm Rothschild Inc., was a European history major at Wesleyan, who earned an M.B.A. and J.D. from the University of Chicago. It was his Introduction to Art History course with Paoletti, he says “that really opened my eyes to art from a historical and sociological perspective.”

He recalls Paoletti as “passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable,” and took further courses with him—20th Century Art History and Early Italian Renaissance Art. Later, he served as Paoletti’s teaching assistant for Introduction to Art History.

“The exposure to art and the ways to think about art

Squash Building Renovation Nearly Complete

Wesleyan contractors put the finishing touches on the remodeled squash building and faculty are moving in. The new building will re-open as the Career Center, Art History Department and College of Letters. A grand opening ceremony will be held Feb. 24. Read more about the squash renovation in this October 2011 Wesleyan Connection story.

New windows on the exterior.

A new entrance, facing the Usdan University Center.

New classroom.

The Career Center lounge on Jan. 6.

Room 203 with an exposed beam.

The central stairwell.

The central stairwell, leading out towards Usdan.

A new hallway. Restrooms on the left. Offices on the right.

Room 302 is the future office of Professor of Art Joe Siry. It shares a window arch with Room 304 and faces North College.

The new Visual Resource Center on Jan. 9.

Faculty office on Jan. 23.

Classroom, Room 114.

Classroom, Room 115.

Room 111, a conference room on Jan. 6.

(Photos by Olivia Drake and Bill Tyner ’13)

Remodeled Squash Building to Reopen in January

Alan Rubacha, senior project manager for Physical Plant-Facilities, points out the future space of the Art History Department during a building tour on Sept. 23. The department will occupy the former squash building's south end of the third floor.

Construction on the former squash building continues, and according to construction manager Alan Rubacha, everything is on schedule. The building is expected to reopen as the Career Center, Art History Department and College of Letters in January 2012 – just three months away.

Donning a hard hat, Karen DePoto, special assistant to the vice president of University Relations, walks down the scaffolding steps during the building tour.

“You can see over here where the five classrooms are going to go, and this will be a conference room that will hold between eight and 10 people,” Rubacha says during first-floor building tour. “And over there, that’s the main entry. There’s going to be a big bronze door.”

On Sept. 16 and Sept. 23, Rubacha led small groups of Wesleyan staff members through the construction zone. He points out a recently poured gypsum-sand flooring that, when set in layers, secures a radiant-heat flooring system on the first floor Career Center lounge.

“Students are really going to like this space in the winter,” Rubacha says.

This week, crews completed framing the third floor, and all mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems are being roughed-in. Crews also completed installing an energy recovery unit, which will condition the air throughout the building.

Glass windows will be installed by Oct. 7.

He leads the tour group up medal scaffolding steps to the building’s third floor. The building’s real steps will be finished this month. Each steel step, he says, takes three days to build.

Faculty, Staff, Community Leaders Tour Former Squash Building

Wesleyan President Michael Roth speaks during the "Squash Building Preview" tour.

Wesleyan President Michael Roth and Alan Rubacha, construction services consultant, hosted a “Squash Building Preview” tour April 26 for faculty, staff, construction contractors and local community leaders. The former Squash Building will house the Career Resource Center, College of Letters and the Art History Department.

The Squash Building, located at the north end of College Row, was built in 1934. It closed in 2002. A grand reopening is scheduled for the January 2012.

The renovation project expands the former squash building into classrooms and faculty offices. It will include a 17-foot addition to the west increasing the building size from 13,000 to 21,000 gross square feet.

The Career Resource Center will occupy the south half of the first floor and a new second floor mezzanine level. Five classrooms and a conference room will occupy the remainder of the first floor.

“For the CRC, this is like Park Avenue,” Rubacha said during the tour. “This is prime, Grade A space on campus. We just can’t wait to be done.”

The College of Letters, the Art History faculty group and Visual Resources Library will share the third floor in a more efficient and accessible configuration which includes shared spaces for administrative support, a conference room and student work areas.

This renovation will be constructed to LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) Silver standards with the hopes of achieving LEED Gold status.

Photos of the tour are below:

Sonia Mañjon, vice president for Institutional Partnerships and chief diversity officer speaks to Bob Santangelo, City of Middletown Common Council member.

Guests tour the former Squash Building, which was constructed in 1934.

In center, John Meerts, vice president for finance and administration, mingles with Middletown Fire Chief Gary Ouellette during the tour.

At right, Connecticut General Assembly Representative Matt Lesser, speaks to (from left) Joyce Topshe, associate vice president for facilities; Sonia Mañjon; and Krishna Winston, the Marcus L. Taft Professor of German Language and Literature, dean of the Arts and Humanities.

Five classrooms and a conference room will occupy sections of the first floor.

Alan Rubacha, construction services consultant, explains where the CRC will be located.

Joe Siry, professor of art history, will have a new office in the former Squash Building.

The remodeled building includes a 17-foot addition to the existing structure’s west side. (Photos by Olivia Drake)