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9 Classes Offered by Wesleyan’s Institute for Lifelong Learning

The Wesleyan Institute for Lifelong Learning provides educational opportunities outside of formal degree-granting programs to members of the broader community. Wesleyan University has been devoted to liberal learning since its founding in 1831. This program is an extension of that mission—a dedication to the improvement of human well-being by means of education throughout the course of life.

“Curiosity is ageless! This new year promises to be a fascinating one, with another intriguing round of WILL course offerings,” says Richard Friswell, associate director of the Wesleyan Institute for Lifelong Learning. “Delve into the work of literary icons like Chekhov, Shakespeare and Hemingway. Create your own memoir or share laughs and a fancy two-step with comedic American icon, Will Rogers. Travel a road back in time with Chaucer as he spins his Canterbury Tales, or ‘romance the stone’ as you explore 19th-century English painting. Adventure awaits!”

During the Spring 2018 semester, WILL will offer the following courses:

  • Maybe It’s My Imagination: Writing Memoir and Fiction
  • Once Upon a Time: Short Stories in Pairs
  • Meet me at Les Deux Magot: The Lost Generation in 1920s Paris
  • Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales
  • Romantic Landscapes of Constable and Turner: Common Goals, Contrasting Outcomes
  • Masterminds and Martyrs: Women in Ancient Greek Drama
  • A Shakespearean Romance, The Winter’s Tale
  • Russian Theater on the Eve of Revolution
  • Be Amused by the Muse of Classic American Humor

Enrolled students will have access to the academic resources of Wesleyan University, including Olin Library. Classes are conveniently scheduled in the afternoons and early evenings. Parking is available and classrooms are accessible. Classes will be quite small, with a few exceptions, allowing close interactions between instructors and students.

Online registration is now open. For more information email will@wesleyan.edu.

Memoirs, Germs, Brownstone Topics of Spring WILL Courses

William Firshein, professor emeritus, will teach the course, Germs Are Us, starting April 25.

This spring, students of all ages will have the opportunity to see dinosaur tracks in Connecticut, discuss emerging infections, explore retirement planning options, or examine emotions, traits and institutions that promote healthy psychological functioning.

These course topics, among others, will be taught through The Wesleyan Institute for Lifelong Learning (WILL) this spring.

The course offerings cover the arts, social sciences, literature, science and mathematics. The spring courses include: Legacies in Words: An Introduction to Memoir Writing, Life’s Great Transitions and Four Essential Dialogues, Exploring the Mysteries of Finance, Positive Psychology, Life Is But a Dream, Germs Are Us, Brownstone Stories: Quarries and Dinosaurs.

WILL classes are taken for interest, not for credit.