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Sociology’s Greg Goldberg Expert on Media and Society, Political Economy

Greg Goldberg

Greg Goldberg joined the Sociology Department as an assistant professor. His research interests include political economy, social theory, media and popular culture, digital and network technologies and music and sound.

This semester he is teaching Introductory Sociology and Media and Society.

“Thus far, I’ve found the students at Wesleyan to be ambitious, open, creative and independent thinkers; they are truly a pleasure to teach,” he says. “They have sharp critical thinking skills, and are game for anything I can think to throw at them. I’ve been continually impressed by their ability to engage complex social questions and issues, and I appreciate that so many students are dedicated to issues of social justice, which is one of the things that attracted me to Wesleyan.”

Goldberg received his Ph.D. in sociology and a certificate in interactive technology and pedagogy from the City University of New York in 2009. His dissertation was titled “Own Nothing, Have Everything: Peer-to-peer Networks and the New Cultural Economy.”

Goldberg worked as a visiting assistant professor at Wesleyan since Fall 2010, and as a adjunct assistant professor and adjunct lecturer at CUNY since 2009. He’s taught classes on mass communications, mass media, political economy of culture in the digital age.

Coming from an interdisciplinary background, where he received a B.A. from the Gallatin School at NYU, Goldberg values opportunities to engage with faculty from other disciplines, and Wesleyan’s administration and faculty really facilitate that process, he says.

“The Sociology Department here allows me to integrate