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Fry to Be Honored at Electrochemical Symposium in May

Albert J. Fry will be honored at a symposium for the Electrochemical Society.

Albert Fry will be honored at a symposium for the Electrochemical Society.

Albert Fry, the E.B. Nye Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, will be honored at the Electrochemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans in May.

The symposium, aptly titled, “The 80th Birthday Trifecta in Organic Electrochemistry,” celebrates Fry, and his two colleagues, Professor Jean Lessard of Sherbrooke University and Professor Denis Peters of Indiana University, who will all be celebrating their 80th birthdays.

“Besides having carried on research in organic electrochemistry for many years, each of us has served as chair of the organic and biological electrochemistry division of the Society, and Peters and I received the Baizer Award in organic electrochemistry,” explained Fry. “Although I retired in January, I’m still carrying computational research in electrochemistry and will present a lecture on recent results of this computational work at the New Orleans meeting.”

Fry Published in 4 Chemistry, Electrochemical Publications

Albert J. Fry, the E. B. Nye Professor of Chemistry, is the author of four new papers published in 2013.

“Ion pairing and association effects between tetraalkylammonium Ions and nitrobenzene redox species: Ion pairing to neutral substances” and ” Ion pairing of tetraalkylammonium ions to nitrosobenzene and benzaldehyde redox species: A general binding motif for the interaction of tetraalkylammonium ions with benzenoid species,” were published in the March and August editions, respectively, of the Journal of Organic Chemistry. The third, “The ‘steric effect’ of tetraalkylammonium ions on electrochemically generated anions is not steric” was published in the August edition of Electrochemistry Communications. These are the 7th, 8th, and 9th publications in an on-going project being carried out on the Wesleyan Computer Cluster with the overall title “Computational Studies of Ion Pairing.” The fourth publication, co-authored by Anthony Davis, Ph.D ’12, is titled, “Selective oxidation of an unsymmetrical distyrylbenzene at either of two sites” and was published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society in April.

Fry’s Article Published in Tetrahedron

Albert Fry, the E.B. Nye Professor of Chemistry, is the co-author of “Substituent Effects on the Redox Properties and Structure of Substituted Triphenylamines. An Experimental and Computational Study,” published in Tetrahedron, 65, 2408-2414, 2009.