Celebrating National Poetry Month with Squaiku Poetry Slam

Olivia Drake Photography

Tonight at The Buttonwood Tree, Wesleyan is celebrating National Poetry Month with its first-ever Squaiku (squirrel haiku) Poetry Slam. The Office for Equity and Inclusion and the Office of University Communications have been working their tails off organizing this event.

“At Wesleyan we live our mission statement, which says, ‘The university seeks to build a diverse, energetic, high-climbing community of students, squirrels, faculty, and staff who think critically and creatively and who value independence of mind, generosity of spirit, and a belly full of nuts,” said Key Nuttall, Wesleyan’s chief communications officer. “We’re excited and honored to be hosting our inaugural Squaiku Poetry Slam.”


While the chatter around campus is that Walnut Whitman will take home the prize, you’d be nuts to not also consider the others. Check out just a sample of the many poems you’ll hear tonight.

I glide through the trees
Catching the wind in my tail
Suspended in air
–e.e. nuttings

Scamper, scamper, stop
Frozen in the sun I stand
Scatter, scatter, hop
–Walnut Whitman

Big dog growls mean, low
Hungry for a tasty meal
I chatter and run
–Mary Nutshelley

Glorious acorns
Falling like rain from above
I bury them all
–Henry Wadsworth Longtail

Zig zag in the street
Dodging the spinning black wheels
Safe at last, I sigh
–Sir Thomas Moore Nuts