Student-Athletes Honored for All-Academic, All-Sportsmanship

Rachel Aronow '17 is one of 10 student-athletes on the women's ice hockey team who received NESCAC All-Academic honors.

Rachel Aronow ’17 is one of 10 student-athletes on the women’s ice hockey team who received NESCAC All-Academic honors.

Ninety-four Wesleyan student-athletes were honored for their excellence in the classroom when the NESCAC announced its 2016-17 Winter All-Academic Team on March 9, while eight others were named to the All-Sportsmanship Team.

To be honored on the All-Academic Team, a student-athlete must have reached sophomore academic standing and be a varsity letter winner with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.40. A transfer student must have completed one year of study at the institution.

The women’s indoor track & field team led the way for the Cardinals with 19 selections, followed by men’s ice hockey with 16, women’s swimming & diving with 11, women’s ice hockey with 10, men’s indoor track & field with nine, and men’s swimming & diving with eight.
The squash teams put a combined 10 student-athletes on the list while the basketball teams placed eight student-athletes on the team. Two members of the wrestling squad also garnered All-Academic honors. (The full list of recipients is below)

The All-Sportsmanship Team is composed of one student-athlete from each institution for each sport, and is selected by the players and coaches from their respective team for their positive contributions to sportsmanship. It recognizes student-athletes from each varsity sport who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to sportsmanship. These student-athletes exhibit respect for themselves, teammates, coaches, opponents, and spectators. They display sportsmanship not only as a participant in their sport but also as a spectator and in their everyday lives.

Representing Wesleyan on the All-Sportsmanship Team is Sophia Antonio ’19 (Women’s Swimming and Diving), Tara Berger ’19 (Women’s Basketball), Sam Curran ’17 (Women’s Ice Hockey), Chad Elliott ’18 (Men’s Basketball), Rob Harbison ’17 (Men’s Ice Hockey), Alex Kamisher ’17 (Men’s Squash), Abigail Smith ’17 (Women’s Squash) and Aidan Winn ’18 (Men’s Swimming and Diving).

Antonio, Berger, Curran, Kamisher, Smith and Winn highlighted the list for the Cardinals, as they garnered both All-Sportsmanship and All-Academic awards.

Men's basketball player Jordan Bonner '19 received All-Academic honors from NESCAC.

Men’s basketball player Jordan Bonner ’19 received All-Academic honors from NESCAC.

All-Academic honors were awarded to:

Jenny Aguiar, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Joie Akerson, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Erin Angell, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Sophia Antonio, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Rachel Aronow, Women’s Ice Hockey
Luke Babcock, Men’s Ice Hockey
Tara Berger, Women’s Basketball
Maddie Bledsoe, Women’s Basketball
George Blinick, Men’s Ice Hockey
Jordan Bonner, Men’s Basketball
Zach Carfi, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Kendall Carr, Women’s Ice Hockey
Madzie Carroll, Women’s Ice Hockey
Ethan Chupp, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Connor Cobb, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Lauren Conte, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Devon Cooper, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Nate Courville, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Sam Curran, Women’s Ice Hockey
Owen Daly-Smith, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Alex Dibrindisi, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Caroline Diemer, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Julia Dietz, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Max Distler, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Will Dudek, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Caroline Elmendorf, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Annie Ferreira, Women’s Squash
Morgan Findley, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Rhoen Fiutak, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Carina Flaherty, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Lauren Gaj, Women’s Basketball
Andrew Gartley, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Sarah Goss, Women’s Ice Hockey
Kylie Han, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Kelly Hogan, Men’s Basketball
Tess Holland, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Ali Imperiale, Women’s Squash
Jordan Jancze, Men’s Ice Hockey
Alex Kamisher, Men’s Squash
Grace Keogh Women’s Ice Hockey
Zoe Kerrich, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Emily Kessler, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Jackie Kilar, Women’s Ice Hockey
James Kline, Men’s Ice Hockey
Tate Knight, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Ale Lampietti, Women’s Squash
Josh Lane, Men’s Squash
Tatum Leclair, Women’s Squash
Vincent Lima, Men’s Ice Hockey
Sylwia Lipior, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Grant Lounsbury, Men’s Squash
Katie Maehl, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Colin Mahoney, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Chad Malinowski, Men’s Ice Hockey
Gina Mangiafridda, Women’s Ice Hockey
Kadijah Mathews, Women’s Basketball
Andrew McCracken, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Julia Mitchell, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Cole Morrissette, Men’s Ice Hockey
Zack Murillo, Wrestling
Shota Nakamura, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Kevin O’Brien, Men’s Basketball
Dominic Oliver, Men’s Ice Hockey
Colleen O’Neil, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Quincy Oujevolk, Men’s Ice Hockey
Sarah Padgett, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Peter Patapis, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Charlotte Pitts, Women’s Swimming and Diving
Elliot Polur, Men’s Ice Hockey
Harry Rafferty, Men’s Basketball
Nikita Rajgopal, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Isabella Reilly, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Zach Roach, Men’s Squash
Sean Ross, Men’s Ice Hockey
Shane Ross, Wrestling
Marty Rubin, Men’s Ice Hockey
Ellery Sarosi, Women’s Ice Hockey
Molly Schassberger, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Claudia Schatz, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Katie Scruggs, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Hailey Sholty, Women’s Ice Hockey
Abigail Smith, Women’s Squash
David Sneed, Men’s Squash
Dawson Sprigings, Men’s Ice Hockey
Ananya Subrahmanian, Women’s Indoor Track and Field
Spencer Tang, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Frank Tucci, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
John Vansant, Men’s Indoor Track and Field
Daniel Weiss, Men’s Ice Hockey
Chris White, Men’s Ice Hockey
Aidan Winn, Men’s Swimming and Diving
Mike Yablong, Men’s Ice Hockey
Serena Zalkowitz, Women’s Swimming and Diving