WESU 88.1FM Radio Hosts Fall Pledge Drive

WESU 88.1FM, one of the oldest non-commercial radio stations in the United States, is currently hosting its Annual Fall Pledge Drive through Nov. 24.

“WESU is a unique radio station with a mix of talk and free form music programming, and we depend on your support to keep it this way,” said WESU General Manager Ben Michael. “If you value media that encourages listeners and broadcasters to dig deep, ask critical questions, and appreciate diversity, support our pledge drive today!”

In addition to Michael, the service WESU provides is made possible by more than 150 student and community volunteer broadcasters and two part-time employees.

Donations can be made online or by sending a check to WESU Radio, 45 Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Middletown, CT 06457.

Donors will receive a free WESU bumper sticker and limited edition t -shirts and baseball caps.

“Although the pledge drive is underway and building momentum, we have a long way to go! To
reach our goal by Thanksgiving, we are asking our beloved listeners to consider donating as soon
as possible to make our goal a reality,” Michael said.

Established in 1939, WESU is funded by the Wesleyan Student Budget committee, Wesleyan University, and generous listener and community support. By day, Monday through Friday, WESU offers a diverse mix of news and public affairs from NPR, Pacifica, and independent and local media sources. Weeknights and weekends WESU student and community volunteer broadcasters provide a freeform mix of creative programming featuring everything from rock and hip hop to jazz, electronic dance music, soul, funk, and blues, along with innovative public affairs programming.

The station currently broadcasts at the frequency of 88.1 FM from its 6,000 watt transmitter located atop Wesleyan’s Exley Science Center with a potential to reach more than one million listeners throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. WESU also streams audio online at www.wesufm.org.