Wesleyan Staff Row the Connecticut River

Phil Carney, head coach of men’s crew, taught nine staff members and community members how to row on June 24. The group launched from Wesleyan’s Macomber Boat House and rowed north on the Connecticut River. The group meets every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the summer, weather permitting, and welcomes new rowers.

On this day, the following people rowed: Sharon Belden Castonguay, director of the Wesleyan Career Center; Sarah Hopkins, employer relations coordinator; Lisa LaPlant, assistant to the president; Lauren Rubenstein, associate manager of media and public relations; Carol Scully, director of corporate, foundation and government grants; Brittany Richard, assistant director of The Wesleyan Fund; Cynthia Rockwell, associate editor of Wesleyan Magazine; Mariah Klaneski Reisner ’04; Harriet Epstein; and Christina Wasch.

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