Encuentro: Get Ready to Manifest

Associate Professor of Anthropology Gina Athena Ulysse writes in The Huffington Post about Encuentro, NYU’s Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics’ bi-annual gathering of academics, artists, activists, students and “enthusiasts of all kinds,” being held this year in Montreal. The theme of the conference-festival this year is “Manifest: Choreographing Social Movements.”

Mark Sussman, an associate dean at the host university, Université Concordia, spoke to the multiple significances of the gathering:

 “In Canadian higher education, the creative side of academic research has been gaining ground and visibility. It is an ideal moment for a gathering of artists, scholars, and researchers who work in both traditional and experimental forms of knowledge creation to come together under the banner of Performance Studies, a field more advanced in the U.S. but achieving momentum in Canada.”