Wesleyan Partners with Local Elementary School

WFSB featured Middletown’s Macdonough School in its regular “Cool Schools” segment, highlighting the school’s partnership with Wesleyan. According to the report, sixty to seventy college students visit Macdonough every week to work with students.

“There’s thousands of students across the street who want to serve our kids and want to serve our community,” said Macdonough principal Jon Romeo. “They come and they work with our kids in reading and math, they play with them on the playground, come play chess with them, do after school programs, before school programs. They’re very much a part of the fabric of our school.”

“We believe that our students benefit from having additional college support here in the school. We think our teachers benefit from that dialogue with students who are learning the practice,” added Romeo.

Sydney Lewis ’14 wrote her thesis on school turnaround, highlighting how this school has come a long way over the past 7 years. “What I found was that Mr. Romeo’s reform agenda, coming into Macdonough, was so well received because the community wanted it, and because he wanted to work with the community.”

Visit Macdonough’s website here.