Pratt, Graduate Students Published in Biochemistry

Rex Pratt, the Beach Professor of Chemistry, professor of chemistry, and chemistry graduate student Liudmila Dzhekieva are the co-authors of “Inhibition of DD-Peptidases by a Specific Trifluoroketone: Crystal Structure of a Complex with the Actinomadura R39 DD-Peptidase” published in Biochemistry 52, 2128 in 2013.

Pratt and chemistry graduate students Venkatesh Nemmara and Kinjal Dave are the co-authors of  “The Dual Substrate Specificity of Bacillus subtilis PBP4a” published in Biochemistry 52, 2627 in 2013.

Rex Pratt and chemistry graduate student Ronak Tilvawala are the co-authors of  “Covalent Inhibition of a Serine ß-Lactamases by Novel Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives” published in Biochemistry, 52, 3712 in 2013.