Bernstein ’11 Dons Wesleyan Sweatshirt in How I Met Your Mother Episode

Talia Bernstein '11 is pictured at right.

Talia Bernstein ’11 is pictured at right in the “Rally” episode.

Talia Bernstein ’11 made a walk-on in a scene set at Wesleyan during the episode of How I Met Your Mother titled “Rally” which aired Monday, Feb. 24. Bernstein is the all-time leading hitter in Wesleyan softball history with 192 career hits and the career RBI leader with 114. She works on the production staff of the show and was picked to walk across the scene in her Wesleyan softball sweatshirt while characters Marshall and Lily Eriksen were dropping their son off at Wesleyan in the year 2030.

How I Met Your Mother is in its ninth and final season on CBS and was created by Wesleyan grads Carter Bays ’97 and Craig Thomas ’97. Its main characters Ted Mosby, Marshall Eriksen and Lily Eriksen are all Wesleyan graduates on the show.