Hamilton ’87 on Preventing Autism, ADHD in Children

Debby Hamilton '87

Debby Hamilton ’87

From reviewing hundreds of published research studies and years of treating children with autism and ADHD, Dr. Debby Hamilton ’87 has developed a comprehensive prevention plan to help women control risk factors before, during and after pregnancy, which she shares in her new book, Preventing Autism and ADHD (Hedwin Press). This guide helps women reduce their risk factors in the areas of nutrition, digestion, immune function, inflammation, hormones, and detoxification. Hamilton stresses that women have the best chance of having a strong, healthy child by improving their health starting before pregnancy.

Book by Debby Hamilton '87

Book by Debby Hamilton ’87

The Boulder Daily Camera recently interviewed Hamilton and comments that “the book looks at studies that show correlations between autism and conditions such as digestive disorders or low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. In her practice, Hamilton treats such symptoms with special diets, removing environmental toxins and supplementation. … [S]he recommends a similar approach for a pre-pregnancy diet. She calls the approach the Triangle of Prevention, with its three sides including healthy diet and nutrition, strong digestion and detoxification. Her hypothesis is that reducing risk factors in the mother before pregnancy occurs can prevent symptoms of autism from occurring in their children. …The approach Hamilton proposes is not radical. Many of the diet recommendation are typical of other pre-pregnancy diets — consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, for example. Hamilton does, however, stress that all food should be free from pesticides. Because of mercury in low levels in almost all fish, she advises not eating fish during pregnancy, with the woman, instead, getting Omega 3s through supplements.”

Dr. Hamilton is a board certified pediatrician and the founder of Holistic Pediatric Consulting in Boulder, Colorado. She also has a master’s of science degree in public health (MSPH) and is board certified in physician nutrition and integrative/holistic medicine. Her practice focuses on treatment of children with autism and ADHD.

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