Tamminen Named a Top HuffPo Advocate for American Poetry

In the Aug. 13 edition of The Huffington Post, Suzanna Tamminen, editor-in-chief of Wesleyan University Press, was named one of the “Top 200 Advocates for American Poetry.”

WesPress publishes between four and six poetry titles a year.  Among the authors are John Ashbery, Michael Davidson, Reachel Blau DuPlessis, Kenneth Goldsmith, Susan Howe, Heather McHugh and Kevin Young, among others.

“Many of those who bring new people to an appreciation of poetry, and/or more people into conversations about how to re-centralize (if not re-popularize) poetry in American culture, are either genre-hybridic authors (e.g., poet-editors, poet-critics, poet-essayists, or poet-scholars) or in fact write no poetry whatsoever, even as they do as much or more than any working poet does to promote contemporary verse in America,” the article states.