Past and Present Collide at Legends Run

The Hartford Marathon Foundation’s Legends Run at Wesleyan brought legends Bill Rodgers ’70 and Amby Burfoot ’68 back to campus, along with some running stars of younger generations, according to The Hartford Courant. Rodgers is the former American record holder in the Marathon and an Olympian, and his old teammate, Burfoot, was the first collegian to win the Boston Marathon and serves as executive editor of Runner’s World Magazine. This is the first year the Legends Run, a four-mile course around the perimeter of Wesleyan’s campus, was held.

“Bill and I haven’t run on these roads since the late 60s. So it was a long time coming. It was like a Woodstock for running,” Burfoot said. “One of the things you see is the maturity of the trees; these trees are 40 years older than the last time I was here.”