Edgar Beckham Helping Hand Awards Support Those Promoting Diversity, Inclusion

Several Wesleyan students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the university attended the Edgar Beckham Helping Hand Awards Ceremony April 28 in Beckham Hall. Guests joined urban revitalization strategy consultant Majora Carter ’88, former Dean of the College Janina Montero, and several other prominent alumni in recognizing students, faculty and staff who have exercised cultural sensitivity and promoted diversity and inclusion.

The event was created and organized by Phabinly Gabriel ’13 and Luciana Pennant ’13.

“The event was amazing,” Pennant said. “It was a spectacular evening full of joy and laughter.”

The student award recipients are: Dorisol Inoa ’13; Evan Okun ’13; Chantaneice Kitt ’13; James Gardner ’13; Syed Ali ’13; Malik Ben-Salahuddin ’13; Roselee Mohika ’13; Hira Jafri ’13; Oladoyin Oladapo ’14; Jalen Alexander ’14; Christian Hosam ’15; Michael Leung ’15; Nkosi Archibald ’16 and Alton Wang ’16.

The faculty and staff recipients are: Robert Steele, Lisa Dierker, Persephone Hall, Sarah Mahurin, Elizabeth McAlister, Renee Johnson-Thornton, Elisa Cardona, Indira Karamcheti, Matthew Kurtz, Sarah Carney, Helen Treloar, Stacy Fambro and Sonia Manjon.

The specialty award recipient was former dean of students Janina Montero, who succeeded Dean Edgar Beckham. (Photos by Bill Tyner ’13) View the entire photo gallery in this Wesleyan Flickr gallery.