The Lost Boys of Sudan, 10 Years On

Sasha Chanoff ’94, the founder of RefugePoint, an organization that identifies refugees in life-threatening situations throughout Africa and relocates them to safety, was featured in a special on Sudan’s “Lost Boys” on the CBS News Show, 60 Minutes. The show followed up on the lives of the Lost Boys in the decade since they arrived in the United States. Chanoff was instrumental in facilitating this story and was featured in the segment, which included footage of his original contact with these boys whom he helped to relocate and ease their adjustment.

Watch a clip of Chanoff on 60 Minutes here.

Chanoff also was recently interviewed on Boston’s NPR affiliate, WBUR, discussing how Sudanese orphaned girls were overlooked in the Lost Boys resettlement. He also had an op-ed published in The Boston Globe about Sudan’s “lost girls.”