Shannon ’01 Co-Writes Vegan Cookbook

Dan Shannon ’01 and Annie Shannon

Betty Goes Vegan (Grand Central Publishing) by Annie and Dan Shannon ‘01 is one of the first comprehensive, everyday cookbooks for creating meals for today’s vegan family. This must-have guide features more than 500 recipes inspired by The Betty Crocker Cookbook, as well as hundreds of original, never-before-seen recipes that may also entice meat eaters. In preparation for the book, the authors attempted to cook all the Betty Crocker recipes vegan-style.

Cookbook by Annie and Dan Shannon ’01

The book offers insight into why Betty Crocker has been an icon in American cooking for so long—and why she still represents a certain style of the modern super-woman nearly 100 years after the nation first encountered her. Betty Goes Vegan introduces new classics for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, including omelets, stews, casseroles, and brownies.

Dan and Annie Shannon live in Brooklyn, New York. Dan was previously the director of Youth Outreach & Campaigns for PETA and is now a senior strategist for the social movement strategy consulting company Purpose. He does the dishes. Annie has worked at the animal advocacy organization In Defense of Animals and as the fashion industry liaison for the Humane Society of the United States. She does most of the cooking.

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