Sara Molyneaux ’77 Elected Chair of Conservation Group

Sara Molyneaux ’77

Sara Molyneaux ’77

Sara Molyneaux ’77 was recently elected first female chair of the Trustees of the Conservation Law Foundation (CFL), a nonprofit environmental protection agency for New England.

Molyneaux, who has served on the board since 1998, succeeds Michael Moskow, chair since 2002, and is only the fifth board chair for the 46-year-old organization. In her new capacity, she will help CFL tackle local environmental challenges, such as the impact of recent storms, reducing transportation emissions and building livable cities, creating sustainable food systems and fisheries, and addressing the issue of water pollution in the region.

Molyneaux, described as a “passionate environmental steward” by CLF President John Kassel, was formerly a research chemist for both the Department of Energy and in private industry, working on biomass-to-energy projects, specifically converting agricultural wastes and seaweeds into bio-diesel. She is active in environmental issues, especially land conservation, in her hometown of Dover, Mass. Her projects with the town include mandated recycling, an integrated pest management program for mosquito control, a regional Land Bank home rule petition, and the purchase Wylde Woods.

Molyneaux also serves on the boards of the Upper Charles Conservation Land Trust, Inc., and the Dover Land Conservation Trust. Currently, she is working in conjunction with the CLF to further nutrient pollution abatement in the southern embayments of Cape Cod.