Asimov ’79 Shares Memoir and Manifesto about Wine

Eric Asimov ’79

In his new book How to Love Wine (William Morrow), The New York Times chief wine critic Eric Asimov ‘79 examines why the American wine culture produces feelings of anxiety and suggests how readers can overcome their fears and develop a sense of discovery and wonder as they explore the diversity and complexity of the world of wine. Asimov shares his professional knowledge and insights along with personal stories of his lifelong passionate relationship with wine, which began when he was a graduate student on a budget.

Book by Eric Asimov ’79

Asimov discusses favorite vineyards, wine’s singular personalities, meaningless wine descriptions that often pass for criticism today, and current wine issues. He offers discussions of easy to find and rare wonderful vintages from around the globe, and shares thoughts on those wines that have been particularly meaningful to him. The book aims to help others fine pleasure, enjoyment, and refreshment when encountering wine.

Asimov comments: “This book is part manifesto and part memoir, a gathering of impressions through experience. I don’t imagine for a moment it will tear apart our entrenched wine culture. … The idea is to start a discussion, and a reconsideration. I do believe I am asking the right questions, and if I can pull a thread on the crazy-quilt of established dogma, accepted principles, and so-called facts that rule our wine culture, I will feel that I have done my job.”

Interview with Eric Asimov in The Daily Beast

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