Siegel ’83 Charms with New Children Book

Randy Siegel ’83

Randy Siegel ’83 has just published his second children’s book, My Snake Blake (Roaring Brook Press). In this amusing story, a boy finds friendship with an unusual pet snake, a gift from his father, much to the dismay of his mother. As it turns out, the green snake has exceptional abilities such as twisting his body into words and helping the young lad with his homework. Siegel’s entertaining tale is illustrated by award-winning artist Serge Bloch.

Publishers Weekly called the book “…a loving salute to the unconventional pet heroes of an earlier era.”

Book by Randy Siegel ’83

In his review in The New York Times, children’s book author and illustrator Paul O. Zelinksky, wrote: “Apart from its title, ‘My Snake Blake’ isn’t creepy at all. Blake the snake is a little boy’s perfect friend right out of the birthday-present box….The illustrator, Serge Bloch, has taken Randy Siegel’s silly, slim text and served it up as a dish straight out of 1960….He draws in the loose, bamboo –pen scribble that thrived in those days. Channeling artists like Saul Steinberg, Robert C. Osborn and Jules Feiffer, he gets the wry, relaxed humor just right.”

Randy Siegel also is the author of Grandma’s Smile. He has written for newspapers and magazines around the country and works at Advance Publications in New York City.

David Low

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