Chiburis Manages Chapel, Theater Events

Ed Chiburis, facility and event manager for the Memorial Chapel and the ’92 Theater, oversees a “house staff” of more than 100 students.

Q: Ed, when did you join the Events and Scheduling office as the facility and event manager for the Memorial Chapel and the ’92 Theater?

A: I came to Wesleyan in October 2003.

Q: As a facility manager, what is your role?

A: I make sure that the buildings and equipment are in working order for each event. I manage events within the spaces. I work with presenters so that they are ready for their event, manage the student House Staff who are there for the safety and comfort of patrons. The House Staff consists of 40-60 students who work the events in the Chapel, Pavilion and ’92 Theater.  The number of staff depends on the needs of each event, but there is generally one house manager and a few ushers.

Q: What are the most popular reasons patrons rent one of the facilities?

A: The Chapel is rented most often for weddings, but it’s also used for concerts, movies and lectures.

Q: When you’re not managing a production, what are some of your behind-the-scene tasks?

A: I’m in contact with students, professors, staff and clients about their needs for events presented in the Chapel, Pavilion and ’92 Theater.  I work on student payroll, attend production meetings and I check the performance spaces for any fire safety or general safety issues.

Q:Prior to an event or show, what is your run-through check-list?

I make sure that heat/cooling, lights, sound, AV and are staff ready, the fire exits are clear, presenters have their needs met and the facility is clean. We usually open the house to the audience 30 minutes before an event begins. After the doors open,  we manage the audience and their needs and help presenters when needed. Afterwards, we help the audience exit the venue and reset the space for the next event.

Q: Since many events are held at night or on the weekends, what are your general hours? Are they different day to day?

A: My hours are ever changing. There are days that can be as long as 12 or more hours and weeks that require that I am available all seven days. I’m also on call for 2nd Stage productions 24/7.

Q: If someone wants to host an event in the Chapel or Theater, what is the process?

A: To book the Chapel one should contact the Office of Events and Scheduling, they can help with your needs and costs.

Q: What do you like best about working at Wesleyan?

A: The students and that the needs and wants of every event is different.  It’s fun to do my job!

Q: What are your hobbies/interests? Also, where are you from?

A: I like music, movies, books, theater, dance and similar activities. I was born in Fresno, California, raised in California, Texas, Oregon, Virginia and Connecticut.

Q: How long does it take you to do your hair in the morning? It’s quite nice. Richard Gere would approve.

A: I wake up, shower, comb it back and that’s all.