Roberts Oversees Access Operations as Res Life Coordinator

Kathleen Roberts, residential operations coordinator, helps students with the technical aspects of living on campus.

Q: Kathleen, in July, you joined the Residential Life staff as the residential operations coordinator. Briefly describe your new role.

A: I oversee all key and access operations.I provide technical support to students. I work with students to help them understand our policies and why they are important. Otherwise I just help where I can in the Residential Life department.

Q: Prior to Res Life, you were working as the administrative assistant for the Center for the Humanities. How long were you there?

A: I was at the Center for a bit longer than two years. The Center is such an amazing place. I’ll miss working so closely with faculty, specifically Professor Jill Morawski, who was director of the Center while I was there. As a student in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program here at Wesleyan, it was a gift to be party to, and at times part of, relevant conversations about such a broad array of studies, which at times helped me to develop projects I was working on in my own classes. To have worked in a department that allowed me that sort of access to discussions and lectures from visiting scholars, faculty fellows, and postdoctoral fellows who do such important work was amazing.

Q: How many staff members and students work in Residential Life?

A: There are 10 professional staff members in Res Life and several students. Having started in July, I have yet to meet most of the students, although two students are working in the office over the summer and it’s been wonderful getting to know them a bit. I work most closely with Stacey Phelps, Amy Miller and Fran Koerting. Also, I’ll supervise the students who staff the Res Life office, which I am looking forward to.

Q: Do you interact much with the students?

A: I will interact with them more once everyone is back on campus. I can’t wait to meet and get to know more of them. Student life is one facet of campus that I have not worked in and I look forward to being able to help students with the technical aspects of living on campus.

Q: What do you like best about working at Wesleyan?

A: While I work towards my master’s degree, I love that I get to be both a student and a staff member. It brings with it a real feeling of connection to the intellectual and physical space at Wesleyan. Also, I have worked with such amazing people at Wesleyan and there’s a sense that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Q: What are your hobbies and interests?

A: I love to travel and try to go on an adventurous and international trip every couple of years. I like to hike and read and experiment with cooking. I stay busy even when my schedule allows me downtime, which isn’t often.

Q: Where are you from and where did you attend college?

A: I’m from Meriden, Conn. I was a member of the sixth generation to live in the house I grew up in, which my family built, so when I say I’m from Meriden, I really mean it! I completed my undergraduate work in communication and writing at Central Connecticut State University. If all goes as planned I will graduate this May with my M.A. in liberal studies.