LaFond MA ’69 Edits Book on Cancer Research

Book edited by Richard E. LaFond MA ’69

Richard LaFond MA ’69 is the editor of Cancer: The Outlaw Cell (Oxford University Press and the American Chemical Society, Third Edition), a collection of 24 focused chapters written by leading researchers at the forefront of cancer research. Substantial developments in science and medicine, powered by developing technologies such as genetic sequencing, proteomics, and nanobiology, have driven cancer research forward, and a review of where we are now is desperately needed.

Authors present the current state of knowledge in chapters on such topics as the role of heredity, cancer and telomeres, tumor resistance, cancer and aging, vaccines, the role of inflammation, loss of genomic stability, AIDS and cancer, microRNAs in the pathogenesis of cancer and more. The sections map out areas of future research and advancement.

LaFond notes: “Each article has been written in a graphic style that is easily understood by students and the interested public. The underlying theme stresses fundamental principles of biology, how these concepts currently influence experimental study of cancer cells and their environment in the laboratory setting, and how this experimentation influences the treatment of patients.”

David Low

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