Students Receive Academic Prizes, Fellowships, Scholarships

Shane Donahue '14 received the Richard A. Miller Summer Internship Grant Business summer internship, and Matthew Donahue '14 received the Social Activist Award during the awards banquet May 9. (Photos by Nam Anh Ta '12)

Students who received academic prizes, fellowships and scholarships, were honored at a reception May 9 in Daniel Family Commons. The awards and the recipients are:

George H. Acheson and Grass Foundation Prize in Neuroscience Neuroscience and Behavior: Jad Donato ’12, Cassidy Mellin ’12

Alumni Prize in the History of Art Senior who has demonstrated special aptitude in the history of art and who has made a substantive contribution to the major: Sarah La Rue ’12, Alyssa Lanz ’12, Katherine Wolf ’12

American Chemical Society Analytical Award Excellence in analytical chemistry: Chinh Duong ’13

American Chemical Society Connecticut Valley Section Award Outstanding achievement by a graduating chemistry major: Rachel Merzel ’12

American Institute of Chemists Award Outstanding achievement by a graduating chemistry major: Charles Baron ’12

Ayres Prize The first-year student who attains the highest academic standing in the first semester: Quinta Jurecic ’15, Rebecca Rubenstein ’15

Baden-Württemberg―Connecticut Sister State Exchange Study abroad in Germany: Lana ’12, Jessica Spates ’12

Bertman Prize Senior physics major who displays a particularly resourceful and creative approach to research: Wei Dai ’12, Zin Lin ’12

Blankenagel Prize German studies: Matthew Alexander ’12

Boylan Award Outstanding creative nonfiction, journalistic work, or writing: Jessica Jordan ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, Catherine Taibi ’13

Bradley Prize Chemistry: Rachel Merzel ’12

Lana '12 received a Baden-Württemberg Study abroad in Germany award, and Aria Danaparamita '13 received the White Fellowship for excellence in history.

Bridge Builder Award Significant contribution in service to Wesleyan and Middletown: You Rong Michael Leung ’15, Wesleyan Democrats

Briggs Prize Intercollegiate debating: Mari Sahakyan ’12, Reed Sarney ’12

Christopher Brodigan Fund Award Public service or research on the African continent: Allana Kembabazi ’11, Kennedy Odede ’12, Otis Poisson ’11, Aaron Sarvet ’12, Oluwayimika Taiwo-Peters ’12

Erness Brody Prize Senior African American studies major with excellence in written expression: Alyssa Lanz ’12

Bruner Freshman Improvement Prize Greatest relative improvement over that of the first semester: Noah Solomon ’14

Butler Prize History honors thesis in third world history: Paul Schaffel ’12

Butterfield Prize Character, leadership, intellectual commitment and concern for the Wesleyan community: Greer Dent ’12, Sophia Levan ’12

Camp Prize Excellence in English literature: Emma Mohney ’12

Nancy Campbell/National Trust for Historic Preservation Summer Internship Program Historic preservation summer internship: Yongneng Conan Cheong ’12

Frank Capra Prize Outstanding senior film: Bennett Taren ’12

Cardinal Crest Award Leadership in the WSA or one of its committees: Maurice Hill ’14

Chadbourne Prize Outstanding character, conduct, and scholarship by a first-year student: Rebecca Rubenstein ’15

Chekhov Fiction Prize Best short story awarded to a junior by COL: Piers Gelly ’13, Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn ’13, Cassandra Celestin ’13, Cameron Couch ’13, Peter Myers ’13, Alex Wilkinson, ’13, Glenn Stowell ’13, Kyra Sutton ’13

Clark Fellowship Graduate study in a school of medicine: Jad Donato ’12

Clee Scholarship Junior demonstrating an interest in multinational business enterprises, a creative balance between the public and private sectors, and an intention to pursue a career in business: Adam Brudnick

Dr. Neil Clendeninn Prize Academic excellence in biology and/or molecular biology and biochemistry by an African American student: Lennox Byer ’12, Mahmoud Saleh ’12

Cole Prize First-year student who shows the greatest ability in fiction or nonfiction writing: Max Deutsch ’15, Julia Holewinski ’15

College of Letters Short Story Prize Best short story: Amy Block ’13, Taylor Steele ’14, Laura Bliss ’12, Patrick Cline ’12, Theresa Crain ’12, Rachel Goodman ’12, William Miller ’12, Zachary Valenti ’12

Condil Award Study in China: Marjorie Rivera ’12, Gavin Swee ’13, Nandita Vijayaraghavan ’13

Herbert Lee Connelly Prize English literature and an unusual ability in nonfiction writing: Piers Gelly ’13, Jessica Jordan ’13, Cade Leebron ’14, Marina Reza ’13, Catherine Taibi ’13

CRC Award Outstanding first-year organic chemistry student: Inha Cho ’15, Elaine Tsui ’15, Andrew Yin ’15

Davenport Prize Government and politics: Julia Jonas-Day ’12, Rachel Levenson ’12, Mari Sahakyan ’12

Dorchester Prize Best English thesis: Laura Bliss ’12, Max Nussenbaum ’12, Bridget Read ’12

W.E.B. DuBois Prize Academic excellence in African American Studies: Spencer Hattendorf ’12

Dutcher Prize History: Bernard Lillis ’12, Charlotte Robertson ’12, Ana Sekulic ’12

Kevin Echart Memorial Book Prize College of Letters senior who best exemplifies intellectual curiosity and range, pleasure in colloquy, capacity for admiration and skepticism, and moral seriousness and love of books: Lila Becker ’12, Caroline Eisenmann ’12

William Firshein Prize Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: Sara Kass-Gergi ’12

First-Year Leadership Award Awarded to a first-year student demonstrating outstanding leadership or involvement in the Wesleyan community: Zhicheng Wang ’15

Susan Frazer Prize Distinguished work in the elementary and intermediate French language sequence: Jessica Gorak ’15, Daniel Issroff ’15, Borworn Satayopas ’15, Evan Thorne ’15

Freeman Prize East Asian studies: Charles Horne ’12, Kwan Yeung Lau ’12, Taiki Sawabe ’12

Beulah Friedman Prize Outstanding achievement in the history of art: Yongneng Conan Cheong ’12, Anne deBoer ’12

Fulbright Fellowship Grant for one year of study at a university abroad: Gedney Barclay ’09, Miriam Berger ’12, Cedric Bien ’08, Rachel Cross ’12, Ilana Gross ’09, David Maryasin ’08

Gay, Lesbian, and Sexuality Studies Prize Best research and writing on a subject in gay, lesbian, and sexuality studies: Abby Spector ’12

German Pedagogical Exchange Service Assistantship/Fulbright Grant Teaching apprenticeship in the Federal Republic of Germany: Matthew Alexander ’12, Lynn Heere ’12

Emma Mohney '12 received the Camp Prize and Mann Prize.

Giffin Prize Religion: Greer Dent ’12, Rhyan Toledo ’12

Akiva Goldsman Prize in Screenwriting Best full-length screenplay: Douglas Bensimon ’12

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Awarded to a college student who has outstanding potential and intends to pursue a career in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering: Andras Sagi ’14

Graham Prize Natural science: Lee Gottesdiener ’12, Sophia Levan ’12, Zin Lin ’12, Cassidy Mellin ’12, Kathryn Wagner ’12

James T. Gutmann Field Studies Scholarship Geologic field research: Katherine Shervais ’13

Hallowell Prize Outstanding senior in the study of social science: Ali Chaudhry ’12

Sarah Hannah Prize Outstanding poem: Katherine Gibbel ’15

Hawk Prize Most effective work in biochemistry: Lee Gottesdiener ’12, Sophia Levan ’12, Alejandra Olvera ’12, Kathryn Wagner ’12

Health Education Prize Promotion of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention: Tasmiha Khan ’12, Lena Solow ’12

Heideman Award Service to others in the Wesleyan community: Alyssa Rassi ’12, Ariel Schwartz ’12, AhDream Smith ’12

Rachel Henderson Theater Prize Highest contribution to theater at Wesleyan: Sarah Wolfe ’12

Holzberg Fellowship Psychology: Tasmiha Khan ’12, Hannah Monk ’12

Horgan Prize Best short story of the year: Theresa Crain ’12, Aditi Kini ’13, Ryan Sheldon ’13

Ingraham Prize Excellence in a course in Greek: Elizabeth Damaskos ’12, Linda Kung ’12

Jessup Prize Greatest talent and promise for even greater excellence in architecture and design: Sienna Perro ’12, Gil Sunshine ’12, Kamar Thomas ’12

Johnston Prize Physics: Laiya Ackman ’15, Inha Cho ’15

P. L. Kellam Prize Senior woman who has majored in East Asian studies: Katherine James ’13

Barry Kiefer Prize Outstanding graduating Ph.D. students in Biology: Noelle Germain GRAD

Barry Kiefer Prize Outstanding graduating Ph.D. students in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: Upasna Upasna GRAD

Leavell Memorial Prize―Film Senior film student who has done outstanding work in the major: Daniel Obzejta ’12, Sarah Shachat ’12

Leavell Memorial Prize―Music Senior who has done outstanding work in music, and whose work manifests the ideals of the World Music Program: Owen Callahan ’12, Lana ’12

Levy-Spira Prize Distinction in Latin American studies: Erin O’Donnell ’12, Amy Torres ’12

Limbach Prize Social service to the people of the city of Middletown and/or the Wesleyan community: Gabriela De Golia ’13, Benjamin Florsheim ’14

Lipsky Prize Member of the choir possessing in the highest degree unfailing kindliness, quiet dignity, and brilliant scholarship: Aaron Peisner ’12

Littell Prize Astronomy: Alexandra Truebenbach ’12

John W. Macy Summer Internship in Public Administration Junior who exemplifies high intellectual ability, a capacity for sustained effort in difficult tasks, strong ethical standards, an ingrained sense of duty, and a commitment to public service: Gabriela De Golia ’13, Corey Guilmette ’13

Mann Prize Romance languages: Sonya Freeman ’12, Sarah La Rue ’12, Elana Metsch-Ampel ’12, Emma Mohney ’12, Shiwei Pan ’12

Martius Yellow Award Excellence in organic synthesis: Patrick Sarver ’14

Richard McLellan Prize Junior who best exemplifies character, leadership, and commitment to public service and diversity and who possesses wide cultural interests and a sense of humor: David Shor ’13

Meyer Prize Honors thesis in American history: Aaron Forbath ’12, Bernard Lillis ’12

Joan W. Miller Prize Best College of Social Studies thesis: Kathlyn Pattillo ’12, Malcolm Schneider ’12

Richard A. Miller Summer Internship Grant Business summer internship: Shane Donahue ’14, Hazal Muhtar ’14

Monroe Prize Best scholarly essay in African American studies: Elsa Hardy ’14, Dorisol Inoa ’13, Zachary Schonfeld ’13

Janina Montero Prize Latino student who has promoted the health, visibility, and participation of the Latino community at Wesleyan: Julissa Pena ’12

David Morgan Prize Awarded to the senior major or majors in CSS and/or the History Department demonstrating integrity and commitment to community: Kevin Donohoe ’12, Nicholas Quah ’12, Sarah Tanner ’12

Peter Morgenstern-Clarren Social Justice Award Social justice: Corey Guilmette ’13

Mosaic Award Awarded to a person or organization that has raised awareness on issues of race, ethnicity, culture and/or sexual orientation: Queer  Organizing Committee

Geraldine J. Murphy Prize Outstanding critical essay that focuses on short fiction or novels: John Schmidt ’13

Needler Prize Seniors demonstrating excellence in Hebrew or Jewish studies: Rachel Merzel ’12

NNK Award Best screenplay for an undergraduate film: Siyou Tan ’12

Carol B. Ohmann Memorial Prize (Excellence in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies): Abigail Baker ’12, Abby Spector ’12, Allegra Stout ’12

Olin Fellowship (English): Tobah Aukland ’13, Victoria Barron ’13, Natalie Fine ’13, Chelsea Goldsmith ’13, Eli Meixler ’13, Marina Reza ’13, John Schmidt ’13, Ryan Siever ’13, Glenn Stowell ’13, Kanya Krit Vongkiatkajorn ’13, Emily Weitzman ‘14

Outreach and Community Service Award Senior theater major who has done a significant service in the community: Michelle Taliaferro ’12

Outstanding Collaboration Award Successfully planned program in the spirit of partnership and teamwork: Invisible Men

Parker Prize Public speaking: Nicolas Cavallo ’13, Clement Guerner ’13

Peirce Prize Excellence in biology, chemistry or geology: Brittany Baldwin-Hunter ’12, Rebecca Vaadia ’13

Emily White Pendleton Scholarship Dance: Elizabeth Waugh ’13

Peterson Fellowships Biochemistry: Lorry Grady GRAD, Tina Motwani GRAD, Upasna Upasna GRAD

Plukas Prize Economics: Ali Chaudhry ’12, Zachary Nguyen ’12

Plukas Teaching Apprentice Award Highest academic average in economics by a teaching apprentice: Kevin Arritt, ’13, Alexa Atamanchuk, ’12, Caitlin Aylward, ’13, Alyssa Bonneau, ’14, Adam Brudnick, ’13, Romaine Campbell, ’13, Benjamin Carus, ’14, Lutjon Celkupa, ’13, Chen-chi Chien, ’13, Kevin Curtin, ’13, Chuqiao Dong, ’13, Matthew Engel, ’12, James Fang, ’13, Alan Ferraro, ’12, Eliza Fisher, ’13, David Goldman, ’12, Maureen Gorman, ’14, Yingyi Gu, ’13, Rosa Hayes, ’13, Ahmad Ismail, ’12, Leah Koenig, ’13, Christopher Kuehn, ’13, Kwan Yeung Lau, ’12, Sukhbat Lkhagvadorj, ’15, John McGlynn, ’13, Ryan Meyer, ’12, Zachary Nguyen, ’12, Alexander Persky-Stern, ’13, Eunju Rho, ’12, Brenna Sansom, ’13, Zachary Tausanovitch, ’12, Katharine Uthe, ’14, JinGe Yu, ’14, Kaitlin Zelman, ’13

Gwen Livingston Pokora Prize Music composition: Alan Rodi ’12

Prentice Prize Awarded to a junior or senior who excels in German): Avery Trufelman ’13

Reed Prize Best poem or group of poems: Corey Dethier ’12

Damain Garth Reeves Memorial Book Prize Awarded to first-year student who best embodies the personal and intellectual qualities manifested by Damain Reeves ’00: LaNell Williams ’15

Rice Prize Mathematics: Reed Sarney ’12

Rich Prize Orations: Kevin Donohoe ’12

Robertson Prize Mathematics: Henry Louis de Kergorlay ’14


Taiki Sawabe '12 received a Freeman Prize for East Asian Studies.

Robins Memorial Prize History: Charlotte Robertson ’12, Ana Sekulic ’12

Stephen J. Ross Prize Best undergraduate film: Casey Feldman ’12, Daniel Obzejta ’12

Juan Roura-Parella Prize Curiosity and general learning: Nora Hoover ’12, Han Hsien Liew ’12

Rulewater Prize for Outstanding reflection and writing on an interdisciplinary topic in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program: Suzanne Wind Gaskell M.Phil ‘12, Linda Pilz Napoletano M.Phil ‘12

Robert Schumann Distinguished Student Award Academic accomplishment and environmental stewardship: Emma Leonard ’13, Hailey Still ’12

Scott Biomedical Prize Molecular Biiology and Biochemistry: Sarah Beattie ’12, Ross Firestone ’12, Kuan-lin Huang ’12, Shiwei Pan ’12, Bonnie Quach-Wong ’12, Ariel Schwartz ’12, Dessislava Stefanova ’12


Scott Prize―Arabic Studies Excellence in modern languages: Dina Moussa ’12

Scott Prize―Asian Languages and Literatures Excellence in modern languages: Xiaoran Li ’12

Scott Prize―German Studies Excellence in modern languages: Katherine Wolf ’12

Scott Prize―Hebrew Studies Excellence in modern languages: Noor AlSaleh ’12

Scott Prize―Romance Languages and Literatures Excellence in modern languages: Hope Campbell Gustafson ’12, Elizabeth Dalton ’12, Vivian Foung ’12, Julia Jonas-Day ’12, Erica Solari ’12

Scott Prize―Russian and East European Studies Excellence in modern languages: Ana Begazo ’12

Mary and John Sease Prize Environmental science: Audrey Haynes ’12

Sehlinger Prize Premedical study: Jane Nestler ’12

Senior Leadership Award Senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the Wesleyan community: Haley Baron ’12

Senior Prize in Computer Science Excellence in the major: Jennifer Paykin ’12

Sherman Prize―Classical Studies Excellence in classics: Adam Peck ’12

Sherman Prize―Math Excellence in first-year mathematics: Inha Cho ’15, Eli Halperin ’15

Rae Shortt Prize Excellence in mathematics by a junior: Jeremy Fehr ’13, Brenna Sansom ’13

Samuel C. Silipo Prize Most valuable player(s) in Wesleyan’s orchestra: Jeremy Webber ’13

Silverman Prize Chemistry: Evan Baum ’13, Ging-ji Wang ’13

Siver Scholarship Physics: Chih-Kai Chang ’13, Kurt Chipps ’13, Austin Cotant ’13, Brian Gapinski ’14, Samuel Kalish ’13

Skirm Prize Government: Shirley Wu ’12

Snopes Fiction Prize Best short story awarded to a sophomore by COL: Matthew Amylon ’14, Adam Bresgi ’14, Elizabeth Deatrick ’14, Sade Jack ’14, Lauren Nadler ’14, Christina Norris ’14, Nicole Okai ’14

Social Activist Award Individual or student group that best exemplifies the spirit of social activism: Matthew Donahue ’14

Annie Sonnenblick Writing Award Assistance in undertaking an independent summer writing project: Piers Gelly ’13

Spinney Prize Best original essay on Greek or Roman civilization: Nathaniel Durant ’12, Nora Hoover ’12

Spurrier Award Ethics: Maxwell Bevilacqua ’12, Thomas Waltcher ’12

Student Organization of the Year Student organization with an active membership that has excelled in leadership and programmatic efforts: Brighter Dawns

Thorndike Prize Psychology: Cassidy Mellin ’12

Tishler Teaching Award Best graduate teaching assistant in chemistry: Breanna Craft GRAD

Elizabeth Verveer Tishler Prize―Art Outstanding senior exhibition: Alex Chaves ’12, Timothy Lee ’12

Elizabeth Verveer Tishler Prize―Music Excellence in piano performance: Lana Lana ’12

David A. Titus Memorial Prize Summer study for a junior majoring in Government, East Asian Studies, or the College of Social Studies: Jacob Eichengreen ’13

Shu Tokita Prize Students of color majoring in literature, and in area studies with a focus on literature, who demonstrate commitment to the study of literature: Stephanie Huezo ’13

Tölölyan Fund for the Study of Diasporas and Transnationalism Summer research: Zain Alam ’13, Andre Lima ’13, Savannah Whiting ’13

Trench Prize Religion: Simon Davis-Millis ’12

Kenneth W. Underwood Prize in Social Ethics Social Ethics Anthony Hinds ’12

Karl Van Dyke Prize Physical science: Chen-chi Chien ’13, Guy Geyer ’13, Eric Jones ’13, Yunseong Nam ’12, Joseph Schindler ’12

Vanguard Prize Academic excellence and significant contribution to maintaining Wesleyan’s racial diversity: Alyssa Lanz ’12

Walkley Prize (Psychology): Eden Engel-Rebitzer ’12, Charles Hanna ’12, Lindsay Kenney ’12, Nicola Latto ’12

Watson Fellowship Postgraduate year of independent study and travel abroad: Cara Tratner ’12

Weller Prize Highest academic average for the sophomore year: Mary Vallo ’13

Wesleyan Black Alumni Council Memorial Prize Independent study or community service related to the concerns of black people: Oladoyin Oladapo ’14

Wesleyan Fiction Award Outstanding piece of fiction written by a Wesleyan student: Elizabeth Sallee ’13, Anna Swartz ’13

Wesleyan Memorial Prize Members of the junior class outstanding in qualities of character, leadership, and scholarship: Alexander Persky-Stern ’13, Howard Tobochnik ’13

White Fellowship―Government Excellence in government: Taran Catania ’13, Jacob Hertz ’12, Jack Hoskins ’12, Anya Palkowski ’12, Samuel Plapinger ’12, Margaret Vasu ’12

White Fellowship―History Excellence in history: Dahlia Azran ’13, Aria Danaparamita ’13, Alexandra Galef ’13, Keisha Mayers ’13

M.G. White Prize Best thesis in American studies: Annika Butler-Wall ’12

White Prize Economics: Ali Chaudhry ’12, Caitlyn Grudzinski ’13, Philip Hall-Partyka ’12, Kwan Yeung Lau ’12, Xiaoran Li ’12, Max Livingston ’12, Huong Nguyen ’12, Eunju Rho ’12, Alison Singer ’12, Miles Watkins ’12, Shuran Zhang ’12

Wilde Prize Excellence in economics: Eunju Rho ’12

Winchester Fellowship Postgraduate work in English: Arijit Sen ’07, Isabel Siskin ’12

Wise Prize Best essay on moral science: Immanuel Lokwei ’12