Galinsky ’96 Leads Workshop for Patricelli Center

Megan Cash ’14, center, and Hannah Lewis ’13, at right, enjoyed an opportunity to speak with Lara Galinsky ’96 after her seminar for the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship. "The workshop was such an amazing opportunity," Cash says. "I'm thrilled that I was able to meet other people passionate about entrepreneurship." (Photo by Cynthia Rockwell)

Lara Galinsky ’96, senior vice president of Echoing Green, a nonprofit social venture fund that supports emerging social entrepreneurs, was on campus April 20 to lead a workshop, conversation, and networking reception on concepts presented in her book, Work on Purpose. Guided questions helped participants—students, parents, and members of the community—identify potential fields. Galinsky’s goal is to help those in search of a meaningful career locate alignment between “head” (talents, education) and “heart” (passions)—a recipe that creates “hustle”—the energy and stamina to develop a program that effects change.

The evening offered participants opportunity to share ideas individually in front of the gathering as well as network in small groups. Raghu Appasani ’12, founder and CEO of the MINDS Foundation, which seeks to eliminate the stigma and provide resources for those suffering from mental illness in developing countries, found the evening to be beneficial as he prepares for life after graduation: “The new Patricelli Center really opens the doors for Wes alums from the nonprofit/social sector to get involved and bring their skills to the table. Lara’s Venn diagram activity was very useful (writing our head, heart, and merging into a purpose). It really got me in a state of detachment from the chaos and stress of the world and just thinking about what is really in my heart and head.”

Paul Gagnon, the internship and civic engagement coordinator with the Career Center, noted that this was the second guest speaker program with the Patricelli Center since its inception and the feedback he received was tremendously enthusiastic.

For her part, Galinsky was enthusiastic, as well. “It was extraordinary to be on campus; Wesleyan students and alums are among the most inspiring people I meet,” she said. “They encompass a rare combination of extreme smarts, boldness, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong moral compass.

“I left Wesleyan that evening with more hope for a better world—with their visions, passion, and drive, I know the world is in good hands.”

More information on Lara Galinksy’s book, Work on Purpose, is online