Wesleyan Media Project Partners with MTV

CNN reports that The Wesleyan Media Project will join The Knight Foundation, Center for Responsive Politics, RealClearPolitics.com, PolitiFact, foursquare and others to partner with MTV on their new educational game “Fantasy Election 12.” The game is part of the network’s Power of 12 campaign, a desktop and mobile game that “will give young people a new way to hold presidential and congressional candidates accountable, and reward youth for getting involved in Election ‘12.”

According to MTV, the game is “similar to Fantasy Football and enables users to draft a team of candidates pursuing the presidency or congress, earning and losing points based on how their players behave in the real world.  Users will also earn bonus points for real world actions like registering to vote, voting, and testing their political knowledge.  Overall, success in the game will be based on two things: how candidates behave and what players do.”

The Wesleyan Media Project will provide MTV and users with real-time data on presidential and federal election races’ financing.