Asian Language, Literature Department Celebrates at a Cherry Blossom Festival

The Asian Language and Literature Department hosted a Cherry Blossom Viewing party (ohanami) on Foss Hill March 27 under a blooming cherry tree.

Taiki Sawabe '12 enjoys sushi and tempura for lunch.

Miri Nakamura, assistant professor of Asian languages and literatures, assistant professor of East Asian studies, starts to fill her plate.

Students enjoy the lunch outdoors.

Takeshi Watanabe, visiting assistant professor of Asian Languages and Literatures; Masami Imai, chair and associate professor of East Asian Studies; and Keiji Shinohara, East Asian Studies and Art and Art History Department artist-in-residence mingle at the party.

Patrick Dowdey, adjunct assistant professor of East Asian Studies and curator of the Freeman Gallery, said, "It was a cold, windy day, but the bright sun and happy spirit were infectious as we all had a lunch of sushi and tempura before singing the Cherry Blossom Song together." (Photos by Patrick Dowdey)