COE’s Think Tank Discusses Human’s Relationship to Water

Members of the College of the Environment’s 2011-12 Think Tank gather every Wednesday to discuss ways in which the human relationship to water, as both resource and environment, has changed over the long term. The Think Tank is a group of Wesleyan faculty, scholars and students who produce scholarly works that will influence national/international thinking. Pictured, from left to right are faculty members Joop Varekamp; Clark Maines, William Pinch and Elise Springer.

Members of the Think Tank are expected to produce scholarly works by the end of the academic year and report on their findings at the annual Earth Day Celebration. Pictured is Julia Michaels ’12 and Jamie Workman, COE fellow and visiting professor of environmental studies.

Clement Lou, a teaching fellow in the COE listens to Jamie Workman discuss the topic of fresh water. The Think Tank questions the relationships between past patterns of water use and water management and present patterns of water use and management.

The group also discusses the salt water ecosystems and question what social, cultural, economic, and political factors influence the exploitation and conservation of marine resources, most notably, fisheries and their habitats. Pictured is COE faculty fellow Joop Varekamp, the Harold T. Stearns Professor of Earth Science and COE faculty fellow Clark Maines, chair and professor of archaeology, professor of medieval studies, professor of art history.

Elise Springer, assistant professor of philosophy and a COE faculty fellow, talks about the Connecticut River during a Think Tank discussion.

Other COE Think Tank members are Anne deBoer ’12 and Helen Poulos, a postdoctoral teaching fellow in the Environmental Studies Program.