Sultan Awarded Fellowship at Berlin’s Institute for Advanced Study

Sonia Sultan

Sonia Sultan, chair and professor of biology,  professor of environmental studies, received a fellowship from the Wissenschaftskolleg/Institute for Advanced Study for 2012-13. She and approximately 40 other fellows from around the world will work on projects of their own choice for one academic year. The group is designed to represent a range of academic disciplines from both humanities and sciences.

As a fellow, Sultan will be working on a book project that is under contract with Oxford University Press for its Ecology and Evolution series.

“In this book, I aim to bring together recent findings from a range of biological disciplines to shape an updated understanding of the developmental and functional interactions between organisms and their environments,” Sultan explains.

The institution, located in Berlin, Germany, provides optimal conditions for fellows to devote themselves completely to their chosen intellectual task while profiting from the potential for stimulation and critique provided by an outstanding community of scholars. More information on the Wissenschaftskolleg is online here.