“Wisdom in Relativism” Discussed at Veritas Forum

Wesleyan hosted a Veritas Forum Feb. 23 in Exley Science Center. Started at Harvard University in 1992 and hosted by coalitions of Christian fellowships at more than 50 schools, Veritas Forums aim to engage students and faculty in discussions of life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Christian perspectives to these issues.

During the forum, Elise Springer, pictured, assistant professor of philosophy, and Greg Ganssle, lecturer in philosophy at the Rivendell Institute at Yale University, shared different world views on the topic of “Is there wisdom in relativism?”

Greg Ganssle.

Richard Elphick, professor of history, tutor in the College of Social Studies, moderated the event.

Joyce Wong '12 was the forum's Master of Ceremonies.

Students were encouraged to ask questions during the forum. Pictured, from left, are Yashna Thappeta '14, Wang Hao '12 and graduate student Menherit Goodwyn '11. (Photos by Bill Tyner '13)