Cook ’64 Reveals How Leaders Can Use Ideas from Economics, Neuroscience

Gary Cook '64

What do Osama Bin Laden’s death, April’s deadly tornados in the southern US, the “Arab Spring,” and recent comments from the US Coast Guard and others about the Deepwater Disaster all have in common?

They all are examples of what leaders can learn from Consilience Leadership (Inflection Point Press), a new book by Gary Cook ’64, which demonstrates how lessons learned from Highly Reliable Organization theory, behavioral economics, neuroscience, and other disciplines are helping us understand how to better deal with terrorism and Katrina-like disasters, and better anticipate and avoid political and other disasters.

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Cook, a managing director of Cook & Company, focuses on strategic planning and execution, executive coaching and development of CEOs and senior leadership teams, and in creating organizational effectiveness around strategic objectives. The basis of his approach is the use of a trademarked concept called Leading at the Inflection Point™, which focuses on the key career-influencing events and behaviors in the lives of organizations, teams and individuals, and how to better manage them.

He is president of Vineyard Enterprises, LLC, a director of the Social Science Foundation at the Graduate School of International Studies (University of Denver), a director of the Education Credit Management Corporation, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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