Cameron Edits Book on Paul and the Corinthians

Book edited by Ron Cameron and Merrill Miller.

Ron Cameron, professor of religion, is the co-editor of the book Redescribing Paul and the Corinthians. The 340-page book was published by the Society of Biblical Literature in 2011.

This second volume of studies by members of the SBL Seminar on Ancient Myths and Modern Theories of Christian Origins reassesses the agenda of modern scholarship on Paul and the Corinthians. The contributors challenge the theory of religion assumed in most New Testament scholarship and adopt a different set of theoretical and historical terms for redescribing the beginnings of the Christian religion. They propose explanations of the relationship between Paul and the recipients of 1 Corinthians; the place of Pauls Christ-myth for his gospel; the reasons for a disinterest in and rejection of Pauls gospel and/or for the reception and attraction of it; and the disjunction between Pauls collective representation of the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians and the Corinthians own engagement with Paul in mythmaking and social formation, including mutual (mis)translation and (mis)appropriation of the others discourse and practices.

Cameron also contributes an essay to the book. More information is online here.