Rare October Snow Storm Cripples Campus, State

Branches down. (Photos by Kaylin Berger '13)

An unprecedented October snow storm wreaked havoc on Wesleyan’s campus and throughout Connecticut Oct. 30. The university was among the more than 800,000 electrical utility customers who lost power. Electricity was restored to the central campus area on Nov. 1, but many program and wood-framed student houses that are supplied by electrical grids in Middletown remained without power.

With the restoration of power to the core of the Wesleyan campus, the university re-opened and resumed classes on Nov. 2.

“By resuming classes we aim to return to the normal rhythms of our educational mission,” said Wesleyan President Michael Roth in an all-campus e-mail on Nov. 1. “We are aware, of course, that this return to academic work may be challenging for students who are seeking alternative living arrangements through the aftermath of the storm. Those students who are not able to return to campus by tomorrow are encouraged to contact their professors to make appropriate arrangements to complete their assignments. We are asking faculty and students alike to be flexible.”

Wesleyan is providing alternative sleeping quarters to students without power.

As of Nov. 2, much of Connecticut is still without power, and many people, including students, faculty and staff, have been pitching in to help those in need.

“We want to encourage the Wesleyan community to work together to bring the campus back to full and happy functioning. As a community pulling together, we will make the most of this disrupted semester,” Roth says.

Below are photos taken by students, staff and faculty during the storm.

Students line up behind college row, awaiting a meal in Usdan University Center. Bon Appétit dining service provided a continental breakfast and sandwiches for students during the power outage.

Trees down, Oct. 31 near Human Resources. (Photo by Staci Baldwin)

The Science Library served as a shelter area for students living without heat or power. Here. students constructed a a tent on the second floor of the library. (Photo by Brian Glenn)

Trees are down near Memorial Chapel. (Photo by Chuck Sanislow)

Taiki Sawabe '12 buries his food outside in a "snow igloo" Oct. 31. (Photo by Nam Anh Ta '12)

Construction crews work on cleaning up felled trees and branches Nov. 2.


Class of 2015 students built a Wesleyan snowman Oct. 30 during the snow storm.