Striegel: Men Suffer From Binge Eating, Too

ABC News reports on a ground-breaking study by Ruth Striegel, Walter A. Crowell Professor of the Social Sciences, professor of psychology, that shows men engage in binge eating. Published in the latest copy of the International Journal of Eating Disorders, the study examined 46,351 people overall: 24,608 women and 21,743 men; 2,754 women (approx. 11.2%) and 1630 men (approx. 7.5%) reported behavior consistent with binge eating. There had been a widespread assumption in many areas that only women were affected by eating disorders of this kind. One implication of the study: researchers and health care providers may have to rethink their approach to eat disorder studies and treatment strategies worldwide.

Separate stories on this were also reported by NPR, Fox News, The Daily Mail (UK), UPI and several other outlets