Stay Connected to Wes Via Multiple Sites, Social Networks

Want to stay up to date on Wesleyan campus life, events and student and faculty news? The university offers several ways to stay connected to all-things-Wes.

The Wesleyan Connection online newsletter, which you’re reading right now, is an image-rich news-piece e-mailed to Wesleyan’s faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni about twice a month. It highlights faculty and student research, Wesleyan staff members, faculty publications, grants and achievements and recent events. The editors welcome story ideas. The newsletter is online here.

Wesconnect is a social networking site for alumni.

The Wesleyan Connection isn’t to be confused with Wesconnect the online community for Wesleyan alumni. Wesconnect is the best source of information about Wesleyan alums on the web. It contains the alumni directory, user profiles, tools to create blogs, group pages, events and a constant stream of news by and about alumni. You can also use it to connect with alumni on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (learn more about these sites below). Visit Wesconnect online here or follow @wesconnected on Twitter.

For more in-depth articles, be sure to read Wesleyan magazine. The magazine features spotlights on alumni and “conversations” with faculty, historical tidbits, a letter from the president, content that includes outstanding student achievements, and the popular class notes. It’s available in print and online here.

You also can communicate through WesChat, an e-mail listserv. “I would say it’s actually more sociable than many forms of social media. We’ve had a wide range of discussions over the years, most of which have a very non-linear and distinctly Wesleyan feel,” says WesChat user Nick Hill ’85. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to with subject line “subscribe weschat-l.”

WesLive is an open-access weblog for the Wesleyan community to write stories, publish links, promote work, announce events, post media or share opinions. WesLive also pulls in posts from Wesleyan campus blogs, providing a snapshot of what’s happening at Wesleyan right now. All members of the community are encouraged to contribute. WesLive is online here.

Connect to all-things-Wesleyan on Facebook.

The Wesleyan in the News site highlights high-profile media hits that feature Wesleyan faculty, the institution and students. Wesleyan’s Media Relations staff places Wesleyan stories and experts in national and major regional news outlets. This isn’t a catalogue of all Wesleyan news stories (that would be too long to list) just some of the more high-profile mentions. Wesleyan in the News is online here.

“Like” social networking? Become a friend of Wesleyan’s Facebook site. Wes Facebook has more than 4,400 followers and counting. The site is updated daily with news of the day, upcoming events, photographs, videos and the popular “Where @ Wes?” quiz. Anyone is welcome to follow and post to the wall. The site is online here.

Join the Wesleyan University Alumni Association group on LinkedIn. The Wesleyan University Alumni Association (established on LinkedIn by Peter V.S. Bond ’88) “is dedicated to advancing the University’s commitment to intellectual, moral and social development. The Association seeks to promote the lifelong relationships forged among graduates of Wesleyan.”

You can also follow Wesleyan on Twitter. The site is online here. Wesleyan’s up-to-the-minute athletic scores also are tweeted. Follow WesScores online here.

Are you more of a visual learner? Then check out Wesleyan’s Flickr account, online here. Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. The site has more than 1,600 images of Wesleyan’s campus, student activities, reunion, commencement, homecoming and much more. Anyone can join the Wesleyan group on Flickr, so please submit your photos of Wes!

"Wesleyan Photo" on Tumblr.

You can also view a “photo of the day” posted on Wesleyan’s Tumblr account, which is online here.

And for videos on student life, university events, lectures and seminars, athletic team coaches, science classes, “Voices of Wesleyan” and much more, be sure to subscribe to Wesleyan’s YouTube channel, online here. The channel already has more than 750 subscribers.

Users also may listen to lectures and events around campus at Wesleyan on iTunes U. The material can be downloaded to your iPod, iPhone or mp3 device. Access the site online here.

And WESU 88.1 FM is streaming is available over the internet, online here.

You can also sell and buy from fellow Wesleyan students, staff and faculty on Wesleyan Classifieds, online here.

For more information on any of these sites, e-mail