Shiner, Del Valle Receive New Roles in Usdan

Timothy Shiner has been appointed the director of university events and scheduling. He will continue to maintain the New Student Orientation program. Shiner came to Wesleyan in 2006,  initially as the director of student activities and leadership development. He quickly transformed the student activities office into an efficient and streamlined department that worked closely with the events and scheduling office. Recognizing his talent for organization, Shiner was asked to lead the New Student Orientation program in 2007.

Elisa Del Valle will become the associate director of student activities and leadership development. Del Valle joined the student activities and leadership development team in 2008 as the assistant director. She quickly became a trusted advisor for intellectual and social programming on campus and within Usdan, as well as a strong advocate for social justice education. She will continue her leadership in those areas and will provide oversight and guidance to the student staff as well as a new assistant director.