Sun, Rain, Dancing, Drawing during Wesleyan’s Summer

College Row in July. Pictured, from left, are Memorial Chapel, South College and North College.

Butterfield Residences.

Students dance in the rain near West College/Foss on July 8.


Freeman Athletic Complex.

Fayerweather and Usdan University Center.

Exley Science Center.

Kathy Vecchitto, department assistant in University Relations, feeds a squirrel July 8 near North College. "I always bring bread with me," she says.

College Row on July 15.

Marjorie Rivera '12 enjoys a rainy morning from the entryway of Clark Hall.

Judd Hall on July 15.

A student walks to Olin on July 21. Temperatures reached 90 degrees. (Photo by Bill Tyner '13)

Foss Hill.

The Center for Creative Youth program started June 27. Here are a few students sketching Center for the Arts buildings. (Photos by Olivia Drake)