Haddad on Being in Japan During the Quake

On Monday, May 9, 7pm in the Hubbard Room of the Russell Library in Middletown , Mary Alice Haddad, assistant professor of government will present “Close to the Epicenter: A Professor’s Perspective on Recent Events in Japan,” based on her experiences during and just after the earthquake in Japan.

Haddad and her family were in Japan during the recent earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant explosion while she was carrying out research. Her research and teaching interests concern comparative politics, East Asia, state-society relations, civil society, democracy, and environmental politics. She has received awards from numerous places including the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies, Mellon Foundation, Fulbright, National Endowment for the Humanities, Japan Foundation, and the East Asia Institute.  Her publications include a book, Politics and Volunteering in Japan: A Global Perspective (Cambridge 2007).  She is completing a manuscript on Japanese democratization, and her current project is concerned with environmental politics in East Asia.

This program is cosponsored by Russell Library, Wesleyan University Freeman East Asian Studies and the Wesleyan Department of Government.