DNA Workshop, African Drumming, Compass Use at Minds in Motion

Pictured at right, Ishita Mukerji, professor of molecular biology and biochemistry, director of graduate studies, taught a Minds in Motion program March 12 at Snow Elementary School in Middletown. Her student assistants, pictured in the back row, are graduate student Jacob Litke, graduate student Li Yan and Hyo Jung Yang ’12. “Minds in Motion” is an afternoon of fun, fast-paced, hands-on workshops geared to high-interest, motivated students in grades K-8.

Yan, Litke and Yang help fifth-graders solve an imaginary crime scene investigation using DNA from five different suspects. The students also made necklaces that contained their own DNA.

Andrew Watt M.A.L.S. ’02 from Independent Day School in Middletown, taught a "Ruler and Compass" workshop to middle school children. Students received a packet detailing how to construct nonagons, decagons, and dodecagons, as well as a ruler and compass.

Green Street Arts Center instructor Aaron Greenberg, pictured in the back, taught a class on African drumming during the Minds in Motion program. His visit was part of Green Street’s "Arts in Our Communities" program. (Photos by Jennifer Hadley and Ishita Mukerji)