Quantitative Analysis Center Hosts Poster Session

Sociology major Ayana Mortley ’12 discusses her research titled, “The Association between Drug Use and Delinquency in Adolescents,” during the Quantitative Analysis Center’s Poster Session Dec. 17 in Beckham Hall. About 60 students from several different majors presented posters.

At left, biology major Isaac Lichter-Marck ’11 presented his poster titled, “The Association between Diet Breadth, Crypsis and Enemy-Free Space in a Temperate Forest Caterpillar Community.”

Sandy Durosier ’13 presented a poster titled, “Relationship between Ethnicity, Gender and Socio-Economic Status on Academic Achievement.” For this study, she examined Connecticut Mastery Test scores of students attending Middletown Public Schools.

At right, evaluator Michael Whitcomb, director of institutional research, listens to Heather Miura ’14 discuss her study on “The Association between Depression and Drug Use in Young Adults.”

The Poster Session was a culmination of the course QAC 201, "Applied Data Analysis." Throughout the semester, students developed skills in several aspects of the research process including generating testable hypotheses based on extant data; evaluating the content of scientific literature; preparing data for analysis; and conducting descriptive and inferential statistical analyses. (Photos by Olivia Drake)