Book by Galer ’83 Suggests ways to Fight Chronic Pain

Book by Bradley Galer '83, M.D.

Bradley Galer ’83, M.D., and Charles Argoff, M.D., are the authors of Defeat Chronic Pain Now! (Fair Winds Press), a survival guide to preventing, reversing, and managing chronic pain. Galer and Argoff present hidden and little known causes of common chronic pain conditions, how to avoid misdiagnosis, and the latest treatments under development including:

Myofascial Dysfunction: The real (undiagnosed!) culprit in 90 percent of back and neck pain;

DMARDS and NSAIDS: Two breakthrough drugs that promise significant relief for arthritis;

Nutraceuticals: The natural wonder treatment for peripheral neuropathy;

Focal heat trigger-point (FHTP) therapy: The new drug-free approach to migraine relief.

This helpful volume provides the latest information on surgical options, new medications, complementary therapies, and psychological interventions that can be used to rewire the body for pain relief. For each condition and procedure, the authors share what to expect in the hospital and the doctor’s office, and what self-therapy solutions individuals can do on their own. Detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand descriptions help readers select the best treatment options to improve their unique type of pain.

Galer is a co-founder of the American Academy of Neurology Pain Medicine Special Interest Group.

David Low

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