Schwarcz Participates in U.S. Speakers Program in China

Vera Schwartz is pictured on the website

Vera Schwarcz, the Mansfield Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies, professor of history, was selected by the United States’ Department of State to serve in the Speakers Program Oct. 20-24.

She lectured at several universities in Chongqing and Beijing—on the subject of the 150th anniversary of the destruction of the old summer palace of Yuan Ming Yuan, in 1860.

Having been selected by the State Department as a member of the very first group of American exchange scholars to live and study in China in 1979, Schwarcz has been returning regularly to China for the past three decades. This was the second time she served in an official capacity.

On Oct. 22, she was interviewed by China Daily in a lengthy conversation that took place at the United States in Beijing. This interview was posted on eight news organization websites and has gathered considerable attention in the wake of discussions about globalization of China studies in the 21st century.

Her interview was posted on, China Daily,, among others.