Cognitive Science Lab Celebrates Semester by Zip-Lining

Charles Sanislow, assistant professor of psychology, celebrated the fall semester by taking his students zip-lining Oct. 30 at EMPOWER Leadership Sports in Middletown. The four students are part Sanislow’s Cognitive-Affective-Personality-Science (CAPS) Laboratory. Pictured, front row, from left, are Baomie Fang '11; Ellen Bartolini '11; Liz Reagan '13 and Jeremy Isard '11, with Professor Sanislow in the back.

“Each semester, I try to gather the lab for an outing on some non-academic pursuit, though we did discuss the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (a stress response system) during the outing," Sanislow says. Pictured above: Ellen Bartolini '11

"Everyone works so hard, so intensively, and as a great team, it is fun and important to get a break from the routine," Sanislow says. Pictured above: Jeremy Isard ’11

"This year, they asked to go sky diving," Sanislow recounts. "I said, 'no way!' Then, they suggested zip-lining, and I said okay. Obviously, they consolidated what they learned from the social psychology literature on persuasion from Professor Scott Plous.” Pictured above: Liz Reagan ’13

Sanislow adds that he, too, completed the course. Pictured above: Baomie Fang ‘11