Faculty, Students Attend 11th Annual Biophysics, Chemistry Retreat

Wesleyan University hosted the 11th Annual Molecular Biophysics and Biological Chemistry Retreat Sept. 23 at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown, Conn. The day-long event included six guest speakers and a poster session.

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Adam Robbins-Pianka '08, MA '10 discusses his research titled “The mRNA Landscape at Yeast Translation Initiation Sites,” with Wesleyan President Michael Roth.

William Jorgensen, the Sterling Professor of Chemistry at Yale University, spoke on “Computer-Aided Drug Discovery” at the retreat.

Richard Lavery, director of the Institute of Molecular Biostructures in Lyon, France, lectures on “Decoding Protein-DNA Recognition using Molecular Dynamics.” (Photo by Roslyn Carrier-Brault)

Graduate student Fernando Vargas Lara speaks to Manju Hingorani, associate professor of molecular biology and biochemistry, about his research titled “Stability of DNA-Linked Nanoparticle Crystals.” Vargas’s faculty mentor is Francis Starr, associate professor of physics.

Steve Harvey, the Nelson and Bennie Abell Georgia Research Alliance Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, speaks on “The Puzzle of Viral Assembly: What We Know and What Still Puzzles Us.” (Photo by Roslyn Carrier-Brault)

Na Le (Lena) Dang spoke about her research titled “Insight into Transition States into protein-RNA Recgonition through MD simulation.” Dang’s advisor is David Beveridge.