COE Hosts Open House, Informational Session for Students

The College of the Environment hosted an open house, information session and pizza luncheon Sept. 22 in Usdan University Center.

Barry Chernoff, the Robert Schumann Professor of Environmental Studies, professor of earth and environmental sciences and director of the College of the Environment, explains how the COE emphasizes academic studies, a think-tank and public outreach.

The luncheon was open to Wesleyan students interested in learning the details about the College of the Environment, a “Linked Major” and/or the Certificate Program.

Chernoff said students in any major may take classes in the COE. “You can be a Russian Studies major, a religion major, a theater major; it doesn’t matter,” he says. “Bring your strength into environmental issues. We want you to take whatever excites you and start learning about that in a scholarly way.”

Wesleyan created the College of the Environment in 2009 with a belief in the resilience of the human spirit and a desire to develop a long-term vision of human and ecosystem health. (Photos by Olivia Drake and Bill Burkhart)

For more information, visit the COE Website.