Thrillers by Cook ’62 Explain Medical Issues in an Entertaining Way

Book by Robin Cook '62

Best-selling author Robin Cook ’62 has just released a new novel, Cure (Putnam), which deals with the problematic intersection of big business and medicine, the cut-throat world of medical patents, and stem cell technology.

Cook recently talked to Reuters about writing and his latest thriller, which is set in Japan and New York:

“I have been interested in stem cell issues from the beginning because it is so important. I became more interested when I saw it was going to get caught up in politics and it put us back about 10 years or so. In 2006 when I saw you could create stem cells without having to use anything to do with embryos I saw that as an immense breakthrough and I have been surprised how little the general public knows about that. Stem cells will revolutionize medicine although it is being pushed back by politics and religion now.”

David Low

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