Frosh, Transfers Join the Wesleyan Community on Arrival Day 2010

More than 100 Wesleyan student-athletes lent a helping hand as the class of 2014 arrived on campus to move into their new abodes for the academic year. Members of Wesleyan’s football, soccer, field hockey, vol­leyball and cross country teams got involved in the activity. They were joined by Wesleyan staff and faculty who also volunteered their time – and backs – to help students move in Sept. 1.

Nathan Repasz ’14 of Erie, Pa. arrived on Wesleyan’s campus Sept. 1 in a Jeep loaded with the all the necessities for the year.

“He brought all 40 of his t-shirts … and a trillion socks. He probably just doesn’t want to do any laundry,” jokes Nathan’s mother, Lenore Skomal. “It’s a good thing that he only brought a third of his instruments. Just three drums, a pan flute and harmonica. He left behind the guitar and Egyptian oud.”

Nathan, an aspiring music and environmental science major, joined more than 750 new and transfer students who moved into their campus residencies on Student Arrival Day 2010. They are joined on campus by approximately 70 international students who moved in prior to Arrival Day as part of International Student Orientation. (View a video of Nathan Repasz here.)

Nathan moved into West College with help from his parents and step parents. Within an hour he was settled with his bed made, clothes put away, and a misted bonsai juniper settled near the window.

“Now it’s time to decorate,” he says. “This place needs some posters.”

At left, Jessup Smith '14 and Joe Ringoen ’14 get settled in their student residence Sept. 1.

In Clark Hall, Jessup Smith ’14 of Cincinnati, Ohio and Joe Ringoen ’14 of San Francisco, Calif. were completely moved in just 40 minutes after arriving. In addition to their families lending a helping hand, volunteer staff and faculty from the Wes-HAUL team, and more than 100 student-athletes assisted the campus-newcomers by carrying in student belongings. The roommates also had help from their R.A.

“I thought we’d get here and have to wait in long lines for a couple hours,” Ringoen says. “I didn’t know we’d have this help. It was awesome.”

Oladoyin Oladapo ’14 and her parents, Sherifat and Matthew, drove in from Brooklyn, N.Y. parking under the shade of pine trees on Lawn Avenue. They were ready to move Oladoyin and her belongings into the Butterfields.

Oladoyin Oladapo '14 moved in with help from her parents, Sherifat and Matthew.

Oladoyin is clear on her academic path: She’s planning to major in government, gaining a solid background for law school, including pursuit of Wesleyan’s Certificate in International Relations. She chose Wesleyan because, “It is academically rigorous, with lots of opportunities for internships and study abroad programs.”

Aidan Daniell, a lacrosse player from Hopkinton, N.H., and his father, Christopher, were unpacking Aidan’s belongings in his double in the Butterfield College complex. Shannon Welch, a field hockey player from Washington D.C. was one of the athletes helping carry the baskets of belongings up the stairs. The Daniells were awaiting Aidan’s mother, who was driving down separately, “With more things?”

“No,” says Aidan. “I don’t think I could fit anything more in here.”

He’s considering a major in government, with the possibility of law in his future. The lacrosse team and coach were a strong draw for him. “I really like the coach and I knew some of the guys who play on the team,” he said.

Third from left, Rebecca Koppel ’14 and her roomate, fourth from left, Leah Khambata ’14 recruited their parents to help unloaded their belongings into their new room.

In the Fauver Residence Hall, Leah Khambata ’14 from Mumbai, India and her roommate Rebecca Koppel ’14 from San Diego, Calif. unloaded their belongings into their new room with the help of their families.  The Khambatas arrived in Middletown on Sunday and stayed at the Inn in Middletown a few blocks away from campus, getting to know the area a bit before move-in day. Rebecca’s family flew in Sunday as well but spent two days on a camping trip before coming to campus.

While Rebecca is undecided about exactly what she will study, Leah has enrolled with a major already firmly in mind.

“Film studies,” she says. “Definitely.”

As they carried their things to their rooms, they passed other new members of the Class of 2014, all in various stages of unpacking, making introductions and getting organized for the beginning of the next four years of their lives. View a video of Rebecca Koppel here.

View more images and videos of ARRIVAL DAY 2010 HERE and Wesleyan’s Flickr site here.

Watch President Michael Roth’s Arrival Day remarks here.

(Article co-authored by Cynthia Rockwell, Olivia Drake and David Pesci)