Kurose ’10 Talks About College to Workforce Transition in WSJ

Charles Kurose ’10 who graduated in May with a degree in economics, discusses what it is like to go from the very top of one social system – being a college senior – to the very bottom of a new system: the job market and an entry level position, in a June 15 Wall Street Journal article.

“The transition from college to the workforce is a watershed in your life, where you leap from the peak of one totem pole to clutch at the bottom of a new one,” he writes. “You find yourself in a new setting with new people. You must show to these people that you have skills and talents that can contribute value to the joint work you will do together. In hiring you, a group of these people revealed a faith in your abilities strong enough to merit giving you the opportunity to do that, but even they are waiting to see if you will actually rise to the occasion.”